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(( Be Careful! ))

Before you download wallpapers, icons and etc. from Japanese
free graphics (or material/sozai) sites, you must notice all
conditions or instructions in the each web sites that you must follow
with. It is NOT OK to put these image files on your web site if your
conditions are against their uses. It doesn't matter if you can't read
their writing. You still have to follow those othewise you may be
arrested for violating their copyrights.

(( Copyright Terms ))

All images and HTML sources on the web sites (including personal
web sites) are automatically copyrighted by Berne Convention
(effective in world wide).

(( Free Graphics General Terms of Usage ))

œYou can edit our free graphics for modifying sizes and changing brightness.
œIt is OK to convert JPEG format to PNG or GIF format.
œPlease download and save the images on your computer to use. Do not link our server to put any images on your web site.
œDo not ever redistribute our free graphics.
œYou are not allowed to distribute any of our image files even when you processed them.

œPlease feel free to link to this site.
œYou don't have to link to this site when you use our free graphics, but I will be glad if you do that anyway.
œYou can link to this web site, "KAGARIBIGENTOH" without asking us, as long as your web site does not contain any adult-only contents or illegal issues. Please make the link to the top page,

šNon-commercial use only. Reselling is prohibited.

If you have any further concerns or questions about the uses of the
products, asking the web master might be helpful. Please e-mail
them in Japanese.

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Thanks, No More Illegal Uses!

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